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Unity3D Flash export is here!

Yesterday the Unity team set loose an early Christmas present in the form of a delicious flash flavored feast. The much anticipated flash export feature to the Unity editor is now in open beta, so grab it while it’s hot:

I put the new feature through it’s paces by whipping together this quick little physics demo. Give it a try here:

You can click and drag the crates to throw them around. This works exactly the same in the Unity plugin meaning that now the power and speed of the Unity engine can be partnered with the adoption rate of the flash player. I know a lot of companies have been very hesitant to use Unity for fear their user’s wont install the plugin. Hopefully this new feature finally pushes some of them over the edge and creates brand new markets for Unity developers.

As if that wasn’t enough the open beta comes with a boat load of new tools and toys to play with. Here’s the top of my list:

  • Web Cam Texture
  • New Particle System
  • Built-in Pathfinding
  • Google Chrome Native Client – meaning Chrome users won’t need to install a plugin
  • HDR support

So many things to test so little time. You can read the full release notes here:

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